5 reasons to get a modular synth

  1. You can unlock your creative mind and feel like a genius.

If you ever find yourself wandering what to do, getting a modular synth will inspire and invigorate like nothing before.

Not only will you have your own sound generation tool – through experimentation your intellect will become elevated to mad scientist levels.

2. Entertain your friends with random and unpredictable sounds.

See how your friends react to new and weird sounds. Will they laugh, or will they be amazed? What will they liken your sound creations to? An electric bird? A broken printer? A potato gun maybe?

Sure to liven up your shared experiences.

3. Compile a library of short recordings and sell them as sample packs.

There are many places online to sell analog sample packs and it could be a lucrative passive income stream! Rightsify is one such website where you can sell your wares.

4. Be a sound artist and music producer

If you learn what sounds good quickly you could be on your way to a career in music production, DJ or sound tracks for games, TV, documentary or film!

5. Record your experiences and release a single or an album.

Put your creative expressions out into the world on music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Choon or work directly with other artists on a collaborative project.

Stay tuned for upcoming modular synth sales coming soon!