Private chat page added and deleted most users because too many spammers

Firstly I didn’t setup the anti spam thing correctly first time so I’ve opted to delete most of the users who I’m sure 90% are spammers. If you’re a real person and I’ve deleted you please accept my apologies and feel free to sign up again. Hopefully the spam will stop now.

I thought about the methods for communicating on this website and decided the contact form wasn’t ideal because I get a lot of emails and might miss people’s messages.

The forum is also a little bit too public which isn’t everyone’s preferred way of communicating.

So whether you’d like to suggest a category for the forum in private, request quirky ringtones, message alerts or alarm sounds – head over and sign up for an account on the registration page and then visit the chat page to privately message me (BitcoinDJ) or anyone else who joins the website.

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